University Support Project

Support those teenagers from institutional care who want to attend university.  The project gives the children an opportunity for teenagers to study at university and gain work experiences working on a project run by ZOV.


At a Press conference which was put together as part of the Outreach project in 2010 we identified the need for teenagers to be supported once they obtain entrance to university.  Our work currently provides assistance to teenagers that want to attend university by providing assistance with exams and applications through our children’s club project. However without financial support many of them have been unable or deterred from applying for further education. It’s very difficult for students to obtain part time work and therefore have little means of supporting themselves.


ZOV provides basic funds throughout their course to those teenagers you want to attend university, in return work on one of our projects and have to provide a record of attendance at university. Members of ZOV will help them to identify appropriate work experience tailored to their specific interests. The work experience could include helping out with the childrens clubs, outreach or mentoring project.  The teenagers will be supported by ZOV staff and allocated a mentor who will have provide support and assistance and who will meet regularly to talk about their progress and any concerns they have.  At the end of the first academic year, the project will be reviewed with the individual student, with the provision that wherever financially possible, support will be continued throughout the course if the student’s situation has not changed. The students will be asked to write a report of their university experience and feedback on the project.

Since 2012  ZOV has helped nine children have become students . More teenagers are being encouraged to aim high and think about their futures, and we hope to give them the means to make this possible.

“It’s amazing! I did it!! I am a student, I can’t believe! Thank you so much for the opportunity! It won’t be easy but my dream came true. The Internships also will be very helpful as the life is difficult and I want to study but I couldnt afford. I am so grateful to all the support you are giving me and for the support you are going to give me!” Tsesto a student

Titiana: was part of Mentoring project – she has had a lot of problems including abuse and lost motivation to continue her education. With the strong support of her Mentor and the Education club she decided not to give up but to study hard and become a student at University and even study Psychology so that she could help other girls who are victims of abuses in the future.  ‘I am really grateful to my mentor as she gave me strength and motivation not to give up!”